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You can borrow money against your home to pay for home improvements. If the balance of your AIB mortgage loan is less than a recent valuations of your home you may be able to borrow more through an additional mortgage loan on your home.

You can: 

✔ Borrow from €10,000. The maximum depends on the value of your home, what you can afford to repay and what you plan to do with the money.

✔ Choose a term of up to 35 years (to a maximum 68 years of age)

✔ Choose from competitive fixed or variable rates

Talk to one of our Advisors who will work through your plans and give you options. They’re available in branch and on the phone.  

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Anthony's advice 30 secs

Anthony's advice 30 secs

How can AIB support you with a Top-up Mortgage? 1 min 25 secs

How can AIB support you with a Top-up Mortgage? 1 min 25 secs

What is a Top-up mortgage? 2 min

What is a Top-up mortgage? 2 min

Here's how it all works

If you’re considering taking a second mortgage loan on your home, the amount you can borrow depends on factors including the balance on your current AIB mortgage loan, the value of your home, what you can afford to repay, what you plan to spend the money on and more. The minimum you can borrow on a top-up mortgage loan is €10,000 and the minimum term is 5 years. The maximum term is 35 years to a maximum 68 years of age.

You’ll need to give us information about your income and any other financial commitments you have, just like you did when you applied for your current AIB mortgage loan. This information helps us work out how much you could potentially borrow.

It might sound complicated but our advisers have done this hundreds of times and can guide you through the journey. You can even use our online mortgage tool to upload these documents.

Set a budget

Be realistic with your budget and know what you have to spend. Consider including a contingency of 10% of the cost in case of any surprises once the work gets underway.

Hire qualified and experienced professionals

Get certified professionals on board to design, build and supervise your project so that it satisfies building regulations. Pick an architect and a builder from recommendations. Check out their work and look at other houses in the area.

Are you eligible for government grants?

Check if any grants are available for the type of work you’re planning. This could help save you money on installation costs and reduce energy bills over time. The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) is a good source of information.

Check out AIB Green Living: Home. Here you’ll find plenty on how to make your home warmer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Will you need planning permission?

Your architect will be able to advise if planning permission is needed. If it does, you’ll need both the full and final planning approval for the ‘grant of permission’ before starting the work and getting a formal loan offer from us. We will need to see the letter you received that lists any conditions to the planning.

The paperwork

If we give you the loan in stages we will ask you for certain documents for the build so we can release each payment. Your architect, engineer or building surveyor will help you complete these documents. They are familiar with this process and your AIB mortgage adviser will always be on hand to help.

What other finance options are available?

You might be able to finance your home renovation plans with a Top-up mortgage or a personal loan. Calculate and compare your finance options and discover how we can support you.

Other things to consider

You may need a solicitor to witness some documents when applying for a top-up mortgage loan.

If you choose a top-up mortgage loan, your life assurance may be affected. If this is the case, you should review it to make sure it covers the extra amount you borrow. Similarly your home insurance may be affected if you're extending or altering the structure of your home. You should contact your insurers to check if any changes will affect your cover.

You'll need to have your home valued by an AIB approved valuer. Our team will arrange this for you. There is a cost to you of €150 for the initial valuation and €65 for any valuations needed thereafter. Your AIB adviser can tell you when you need to have the valuation done.

If you’re planning energy efficiency improvements to you home you could apply for the AIB Green Mortgage rate once your top up mortgage loan is fully drawn down and you supply us with a valid BER Cert showing us that your home now has a BER rating between A1 and B3. A valid Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is required to confirm eligibility. A BER assessor will usually charge about €150 for a BER valuation and certificate.

Make an appointment to visit us in branch, ask us to call you at a time that suits you or call us.

You don’t need to wait until you have your plans confirmed to talk to us. In fact it’s better to talk to us before you make a plan. We’ll be able to guide you through the process and explain how much you could borrow so you’ll know how much you have to spend.

Doing work on your home can be daunting. Whether you’re thinking of replacing a bathroom, adding energy efficient improvements or doing a large scale renovation we are here to support your financial needs.

We can also offer a top-up mortgage loan for other reasons such as inheritance taxes, to support a family member to buy their own home or to pay a lump sum as part of a separation agreement. We’ve helped hundreds of AIB customers use the equity in their home for these purposes and we’re ready to help you too.

Make refinancing your home a little easier


Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Rate

The Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Interest Rate is available to new and existing AIB mortgage customers, including Switchers, Top-ups and Self Builds, with a mortgage loan of at least €250,000 and a term of 4 years or more. Switchers availing of the Higher Value rate can also benefit from the €2,000 Switcher cash offer. Existing AIB customers who have more than one mortgage loan on the same property can avail of the Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Interest Rate if the combined value of the mortgage loans is at least €250,000 and a term of 4 years or more remains on each mortgage loan. The balance of your mortgage(s) at the time of issuing your Letter of Offer is used to determine eligibility.

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