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Switching your mortgage is a lot less hassle than you might imagine.

We’ve helped lots of people switch to us. Moving your mortgage to AIB may give you more flexibility such as:

✔ Saving on monthly repayments
✔ Reducing your term
✔ Less paperwork

Whether you’re all set to go, or you need some help, everything is here. Read a guide, watch a video.

If you’re ready, you can go ahead and apply, if you want to chat to an expert over the phone, we're here to help.

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Watch how it all works

Switching your mortgage 1.5 mins

Switching your mortgage 1.5 mins

Vincent's top tips 30 sec

Vincent's top tips 30 sec

Why get your mortgage with AIB? 2 mins

Why get your mortgage with AIB? 2 mins

Here's how it all works

If you’re thinking of switching your mortgage we have a great deal for you to think about.

To help cover your costs, we’ll pay you €2,000 straight into the current account you use to pay your mortgage within two months of switching, even if that current account is with another bank.

But if you do choose to have your current account with us our personal mortgage customers don’t pay transaction or maintenance fees on their AIB current account when they set up a direct debit to pay the mortgage on the home they live in.

We have competitive Fixed and Variable interest rates.

Switching your mortgage sounds like a real hassle. Why would you want to go to all that effort of paperwork, solicitors and banks? Well, it could mean you saving on your monthly repayments or even reducing the time left on your mortgage. That all means more money in your pocket.

There’s plenty of reasons to talk to one of our Mortgage Experts about switching your mortgage. They can take you through our competitive fixed and variable interest rates and work out exactly how much you could save by switching your mortgage to us.

What’s more, if you’re a personal mortgage customer with us you won’t pay transaction or maintenance fees on AIB current account you use to make mortgage repayments on the home you live in. We’ll give you €2,000 when you switch your mortgage to AIB to help cover your costs; we’ll pay it into the current account you use to pay your new mortgage within two months of your mortgage drawdown, even if that current account is with another bank.

Bear in mind though, your payments have to be up to date and your mortgage needs to have some equity in it, which means the balance is less than the value of the house. If you have a tracker mortgage with another mortgage provider, you will lose it when you switch to us. We recommend you speak to an independent financial advisor before you make the switch.

Use our Switcher Calculator to find out just how much you could save and start the process today.

We have a guide to switching mortgages. There is also helpful, independent information about switching mortgages on the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s website.

Pop into a branch, make an appointment on aib.ie or ask us to call you back when you can speak with one of our Mortgage Experts.

You don’t need any documents or deposit saved to chat to an expert. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track from the start by helping you make a plan to get the deposit together. If you can’t make it to a branch, we can come to meet you, so this may also be an option for you.

Get your paperwork together

Once you’ve saved your deposit you will need to show us that you can afford to keep repaying the mortgage.  Your Mortgage Expert will tell you exactly what documents you need to give us, such as payslips, bank statements, credit card bills and proof of saving or gifts.

Apply for Approval in Principle

Once you have your deposit together, you can apply for a mortgage and receive an Approval in Principle. This is when we agree, in principle, to give you a mortgage, based on the information you’ve given us. Then you’ll know how much you have to spend on your new home. There will be more conditions you’ll have to meet, but we’ll make these clear so you’ll know what else you have to do before we can lend you the money.

You can apply over the phone, or in a branch with one of our Mortgage Experts. If you’re unsure about anything, why not book an appointment online or pop into a branch to speak with one of us? 

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5 Reasons to switch to AIB

Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Rate

The Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Interest Rate is available to new and existing AIB mortgage customers, including Switchers, Top-ups and Self Builds, with a mortgage loan of at least €250,000 and a term of 4 years or more. Switchers availing of the Higher Value rate can also benefit from the €2,000 Switcher cash offer. Existing AIB customers who have more than one mortgage loan on the same property can avail of the Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Interest Rate if the combined value of the mortgage loans is at least €250,000 and a term of 4 years or more remains on each mortgage loan. The balance of your mortgage(s) at the time of issuing your Letter of Offer is used to determine eligibility.

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Gráinne Quirke, Mobile Advisor, Wexford, Wicklow & Carlow

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