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No matter how many years you are from retiring, it’s worth considering the type of lifestyle you’d like to have when the time comes. Everyone has a scheme to become financially independent but at AIB we believe this doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

Pensions are designed to help you fund your retirement and replace the income you are no longer receiving from working. Our Pensions Calculator will help you to find out how much you should be saving to achieve the lifestyle you want when you retire.

AIB's free, personalised retirement review.

At AIB, we offer a free, personalised retirement consultation. Our financial planning service helps you work out your future goals and come up with a realistic way to achieve them. And with 93% of our customers recommending* our expert advisors to a friend, your future is in good hands.

What happens during a review?

During your review we’ll ask you questions which help us find out more about you, identify your retirement needs and give you a plan to help you meet those needs realistically.

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    In your financial review we'll also discuss:


    Your retirement income depends on the performance of your pension plan(s) so it’s important that you know how they’re doing and the kind of results you should expect. We will review all your pension plan arrangements no matter who they are with.

    Risk Level

    Different funds have different levels of risk and we will check you are still comfortable with the level of risk in each of your funds.

    Are you maximising your potential income tax relief?

    Don’t worry about the years that have gone. The older you are, the more income tax relief you may get. Are you using all your potential extra tax relief? Our Pensions Tax Relief Calculator will help you to find out how much you income tax relief you may be entitled to.

    Are you within 10 years of retirement?

    You may wish to review the money you’ve built up in your pension to match your changing needs. A ‘lifestyle’ strategy may be suitable: this involves gradually moving your own choice of funds to a mix of medium-risk to lower-risk funds as you move closer to retirement.


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  • Call us 0818 456 006 to speak to one of our Financial Advisors today
  • Request a call back from our Financial Advisors, they'll be happy to answer any questions you have about pension options through AIB. 
  • Alternatively, you can drop into any AIB branch and ask to speak to a Financial Advisor.

Important Information:

Income tax relief is not guaranteed. To be eligible to claim income tax relief, your income must be taxable either Schedule E or Schedule D (case I or II). To claim income tax relief, you can apply to your Inspector of Taxes to adjust your tax credits. Contributions deducted from salary will receive immediate tax relief. If you are self-employed, you must include your pension contributions in your self assessment tax returns in order to obtain income tax relief.

Other Information

*Source: Irish Life welcome call survey of 962 AIB Financial Review Customers, June 2016

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