Tax Information


Tax on Interest Earned

  • We will deduct Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) at the prevailing rate from all interest earned, unless you are entitled to exemption from DIRT, and we will pay this directly to the Revenue Commissioners.

  • To the extent that DIRT has been deducted there is no further liability to Irish income tax, but you may be subject to PRSI. Deposit Interest is not liable to the Universal Social Charge.

  • The Bank will deduct DIRT from the accounts of customers unless a fully completed non-resident declaration form is held by the Bank and a minimum balance of €12,500 is maintained at all times in each account maintained by the customer. Where these conditions are maintained, we will apply this DIRT exemption to all accounts you hold with us.

  • If you or your spouse are aged 65 or over in the current tax year, or are permanently incapacitated, and you are exempt from income tax, you may apply to have the interest on the account paid without deduction of DIRT. Each personal account you hold with us requires a separate application.

  • Companies (within the charge to corporation tax), Pension Schemes and Charities may receive interest without deduction of DIRT, by providing the Bank with the tax reference number assigned to them by the Revenue Commissioners.