Payment Types


Bill Payment (Bill Pymt) – This is a payment made to your utility or credit card bills


SEPA Payment (SEPA Pymt) – This is a Euro payment made to an account within the SEPA zone including Ireland


Non SEPA Payment (Non SEPA Pymt) – (International) A Euro currency transfer to a non SEPA country e.g. Euro to USA or a foreign currency payment e.g. USD to USA or GBP to UK etc.


Mobile Top up (Mob Topup) – This is a mobile top up to a prepaid phone


Standing Order (Std Order)  – This is a payment used for paying regular fixed amounts from your account


Direct Debit (DD) –  This is a payment to pay bills electronically to debit your account whose amounts vary from month to month.


Draft – This is a euro draft that was ordered on Internet Banking