How to become one of our suppliers


We use a system called Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) provided by a third party called Hellios. The FSQS system is designed to help suppliers qualify to supply financial services companies. With the regulatory environment becoming more complex, FSQS assists to provide us with necessary information, and helps us manage risk and protect our customers. The system is used by AIB and many other banks and financial institutions throughout Ireland and the UK.

It’s simple and straightforward. You will be invited by AIB to become a supplier on the FSQS system. You are requested to update your company information each year on the FSQS online portal. This information is shared with other the financial services companies who are members of the FSQS community, meaning that you will be visible to AIB and to the other member financial institutions as a potential supplier. If you provide services to more than one financial institution, you only need to provide your qualification information once to the FSQS portal, rather than separately each individual organisation.

This brochure gives you more information.

Once you have been qualified through the FSQS system, you can become an AIB supplier. We will have terms and conditions for our agreement with you; a sample of our general terms of purchase are located here (Good & Services) and here (Services). You may also be asked to complete a non-disclosure agreement depending on your category of spend.

We will also monitor how you comply to GDPR and our policies. You can read them here.

We will also run due diligence checks on all potential suppliers to ensure they comply with our policies and to minimise risk. Depending on the potential risk, some suppliers will be subject to comply with our risk assessment process . This risk assessment will be reviewed annually in line with our third party attestation policy.