We may text you if we see suspicious activity on your AIB Debit and Credit Cards 


At AIB, we are always looking for ways to improve our service by ensuring that our fraud prevention methods are quick, convenient and customer friendly. Fraud Text Alerts complements the more traditional ways we contact you, such as a phone call or letter. 

What do we monitor?

For your financial security, our fraud team monitor your credit and debit card for any suspicious transactions including spending outside of your normal purchasing patterns, unusual timeframes and geographical locations, or transactions that are consistent with previously identified fraud trends.  


How will it work?

Fraud Text Alert notifications will mean that we will be able to contact you immediately 24 hours a day in the event of suspected fraud on your credit or debit card.


We may send a real-time text alert to your mobile phone asking you to text back a Y or N to confirm your use of the card.


  • For Debit Cards the text will come from +353873700700;

  • For Consumer Credit Cards the text will come from +353861801719; and

  • For Commercial  Credit Cards the text will come from +353861801721.


These numbers are for texting only, so if you call these numbers they won’t be answered. We will never ask you to send personal information by text. 


What are the benefits?

This service will ensure we contact you more quickly if we identify suspected fraudulent activity on your card. If you respond to the text, it will ensure that you can spend normally on your card, reducing inconvenience for you and it will significantly reduce the likelihood that subsequent unauthorised transactions will occur on your credit or debit card.

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