AIB Kiosk Banking transactional limit information



Daily Limit

Overall cumulative limit*


International Payments


Other Funds Transfers (Intra & Inter Account)


Bill Payment


Maximum Transfer amount (between your AIB accounts)


* This is a cumulative limit for transfers completed using your AIB Kiosk, AIB Phone and AIB Internet Banking. For example if you complete a bill payment on the AIB Kiosk for €7,000 this overall limit is reduced to €1,043,000.

** Note customers who are not registered for AIB Phone & Internet Banking have a lower limit of €5,000 for security reasons.

The maximum daily limit for a Standing Order is €5,000.


Expressions defined in the Terms and Conditions for AIB Kiosk Banking bear the same meaning in this notice.

The total value of transactions (bill payment, Inter Account transfers, Third Party Transfers and International Payments) which may be effected by a user is limited in aggregate to the above amounts in any Business Day.

The total value of transactions which may be effected by a User through AIB Kiosk Banking in any Business Day is limited to the amount of the available balance on the Account to be debited at the relevant time.