Building a Better Budget Together

Budgeting is always important, especially as the Cost of Living rises.

Managing your money

By tracking your income and expenses you can see where your money is going and identify areas where you can make adjustments. Read below for helpful advice on managing your money.  

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Effective Money Management

Helping you think about big costs with simple tips.

Managing Your Money

Stay in control with an annual household budget

Helpful suggestions for keeping your spending under control with an annual household budget.

Getting started on an annual household budget

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Tips for Going Out on a Budget

As you move closer towards your saving target, our list of tips will help ensure you still live your life enjoyably while saving money.

Saving? Tips for Going Out on a Budget 

Creating a wedding budget

If you’re planning for a wedding, AIB can definitely support you in managing the financial challenges.

Planning ahead for a wedding

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Teach good financial habits to your child through a practical approach

Learning good financial habits is a valuable life lesson, but it’s not something that’s necessarily taught in school. Rather than talking to kids about inflation or increases in the Cost of Living, we can teach them about the importance of savings through a practical approach.

5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Good Financial Habits

Improve Your Home’s Building Energy Rating (BER) Rating

One of the most effective things you can do for both the planet and your pocket is to look at the way your home uses energy.

Top Tips To Improve Your Home's BER Rating

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Cost-of-Living Crisis

Budgeting for the family

To better manage your Cost of Living, consider projecting your future expenses and income, and devising strategies to finance or save the surplus. This type of proactive planning will help you prepare for unexpected changes in your financial situation and enable you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease.

Optimize your finances with our Cost of Living hub.

Cost-of-Living Crisis

Saving and protecting for your family

Some family events are unexpected, others we look forward to. Putting money aside regularly will help smooth out the financial twists and turns.

Saving for my children's future.

Find out more about our life insurance options.

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