Understanding financial supports available to you

There are many government supports available to individuals, businesses, and communities to assist during the Cost-of-Living Crisis. However, it is important to note there are eligibility criteria and application processes accompanying these supports.  

You can find helpful links to government supports below.

Cost of Living support from social protection department

The Irish government offers various financial aids to individuals and families to assist in meeting the price of essentials like housing, healthcare, education, and childcare. The goal of Gov.ie's Cost of Living support program is to guarantee that everyone has access to the basic needs of life, regardless of their financial or living situation.

gov.ie - Social protection: Cost of Living supports

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Guidance from citizen information

Citizeninformation.ie provide helpful advice on tax relief available for citizens including Child Benefit Allowance, VAT, School Transport relief and Business Energy Support Schemes

Help with Cost of Living

Updates from revenue department

Revenue.ie’s Cost of Living support page publishes regular updates about the various schemes that of they are offering to citizens.

Cost of Living supports

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