I signed up to a free trial of a product but now I’ve been charged a much higher amount, is there anything I can do?


You should first check the terms and conditions of the free trial you signed up to. The free trial period may now be up and you are being charged a monthly fee. In a lot of cases there is a requirement to cancel at the end of the free trial period, if this is not done the company will start charging you monthly.

You should contact the company and ensure that you cancel any future charges - and keep proof of this too. If you are charged again after that you can send us proof that you cancelled and we’ll be able to dispute further charges.

If you haven’t received any further goods but have been charged, you can send us confirmation that you have not received any goods, along with a description of the goods and proof that you have contacted the company. You might find our dispute form helpful; it can be found at https://aib.ie/content/dam/aib/personal/docs/our-products/credit-cards/dispute-transaction-form.pdf

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