We want to make opening a bank account easy for you.

If you have recently arrived from Ukraine there are two ways to open a bank account with AIB:
  1. Using your smartphone; or
  2. In an AIB bank branch
With a Ukrainian passport and some English you can open a bank account using your smartphone. Download the AIB Mobile Banking App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and select the option to ‘Become an AIB customer’.
We understand that this might not work for everyone. You can also open a bank account with us in your local AIB bank branch.
All the steps to open an account on your smartphone or at an AIB bank branch are in the ‘Arriving in Ireland from Ukraine’ guide. The guide is in EnglishUkrainian and Russian. Click here for a short video on how to open an account online.
The European Union has introduced financial restrictions on some Russian and Belarusian nationals in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
If you are a Russian or Belarusian national, the restrictions may apply to you. The restrictions apply a limit of no more than €100,000 that can be held in accounts with us.
If you have any questions you can phone our customer service helpline on 0818 303 203 from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 16:00.
Here is some more information about banking in Ireland:
For more information about how AIB is supporting Ukraine see here.

Arriving in Ireland from Ukraine  

What you need to open a bank account.
(in English)

Якщо ви прибули до Ірландії з України

ось що вам потрібно для відкриття банківського рахунку
(in Ukrainian)

Если вы прибыли в Ирландию из Украины

вот что вам нужно для открытия банковского счета
(in Russian)