Travel Note FAQs

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  • Why do I need to let AIB know my travel plans?

    We recommend notifying us if you plan to use your Card abroad to ensure continued use and to avoid a call while you are away.

  • What kind of information will I need to provide to AIB when adding a travel note to my Card?

    All you will need to do is select the card you will be travelling with, indicate the travel dates & choose your destination countries (up to five countries can be selected).


  • Do I need to fill out a separate travel note request for each of my cards with AIB if I am bringing more than one card with me?


  • What if not all of the Credit cardholders on an account will be travelling?

    As the cards are the same number the travel note will be put on all cards, the user not travelling may be contacted by AIB.

  • How far in advance do I need to let AIB know I will be travelling?

    A travel note can be submitted up to one week in advance of the departure date.

  • How do I place a Travel Note on Internet Banking?

    Click here to view information on how to place Travel Note.

  • Can I update a travel note that I have already submitted?

    No, if your plans have changed you will be required to submit a new travel note.

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