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AIB Loans

At AIB we have a range of loans and credit facilities available to our customers, allowing you to make plans for the future.

AIB Mortgages

We have the right kind of mortgage for you, whatever stage you’re at.

AIB Credit Cards

If you’re looking for a credit card that gives you the flexible and secure spending power, plus a host of additional benefits, talk to AIB, we have the right kind of credit card for you.

AIB Investments

Look to the future with investment opportunities for your money from AIB.

AIB Current Accounts

AIB has a range of current accounts designed to meet your daily banking needs, and offer you great additional benefits.

AIB Insurance

AIB offers a range of competitively-priced, quality insurance products to cover your individual needs.

AIB Pensions

Take control of your retirement with AIB, whether you already have a pension plan in place, or haven’t started one yet.

Savings and Deposits

Whether you are saving for something in particular, have a lump sum to put away, or just want to build an ‘emergency fund’ to give yourself a little peace of mind, we can help.

Life Insurance

Protecting what matters most.