A Sterling Current Account allows Irish Resident to make and receive GBP payments (UK Interbank payments) to/from the U.K, without the need to convert to Euro.


Full banking services.

The Sterling Current Account offers you a range of competitively priced sterling banking services, such as GBP payments within the UK,  sterling direct debits, standing orders and supports both cheque book facilities and cheque lodgements.


Dedicated Customer Service.

Our Customer Service Unit is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Call + 353 1 6115210 (not on ROI Bank Holidays)


Read Terms and Conditions.

A Guide to Sterling Current Accounts

A Guide to Sterling Current Accounts – Effective 01st January 2021 


Brexit Implications - Deposit Guarantee Scheme

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Additional information.

  • Available to Irish Residents only.

  • Incoming and Outgoing International payments are not supported, only sterling payments within the UK (UK Interbank Payments) are supported.

  • Accounts must be operated in credit at all times. Any items presented on the account where there are insufficient funds may be returned unpaid

  • No credit interest is payable

  • Direct cash lodgements or withdrawals are not supported

  • Personal customers have no online access to these accounts

  • Note: Joint accounts are available to a maximum of 4 parties


Interbank Payments.

If you have a Sterling Current Account and wish to make an Interbank Payments within the UK please download this form. UK Interbank Payment Form (PDF, 139.3k)


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