Did you know that when calculating the deposit for your future home there are other expenses that have to be considered? Also, the type of buyer you are will influence the minimum amount you are required to save.

With this handy calculator you can add up all you need to save for your new home including additional costs. This calculator also helps you estimate how much you need to save each month to get to your target within your timeframe.

Home Buying Calculator

e.g. Solicitor Fees, Surveyor Fees, Valuation Fees^

Estimated Savings Required

i.e: Deposit, Stamp Duty and estimated extra costs less what you've saved already

Now that you have a plan in place, visit My Money Manager on your AIB Online Banking to help you achieve this savings goal. To find the best savings account for you, visit Savings and Deposits to view the options on offer. This calculation is based on the information you have provided.

For further information, visit our Mortgage FAQs or our Savings FAQs.

Please Note:

  #Target deposit is the amount you need to save for your new home. This is based on the value of the property and can be calculated by finding out what 10% of the value of the property is. For example if the property is valued at €350,000, you will need at least €35,000 deposit.

*Stamp Duty is a mandatory government charge on each property based on the value of a property. The first €1,000,000 of a property’s value is charged at 1%. Any amount in excess to €1,000,000 is charged at 2% e.g. If a property is valued at €1,250,000, then €1,000,000 charged at 1% = €10,000. The remaining €250,000 is charged at 2% = €5,000. Therefore, total Stamp Duty to be paid is €15,000.

^Extra Costs is an estimated figure of €5,000 which is the combined costs of surveyor fees, valuation fees and solicitor’s fees. These fees may vary based on what type of buyer you are and should be taken as an estimate. Additional costs may also be incurred depending on your personal circumstances. You do not have to get a surveyor’s evaluation, however we recommend that you do.

+The normal maximum borrowing level is 4 times your annual gross salary. For a more exact mortgage figure based on your specific information visit our mortgage calculator.

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