Changes to AIB Card Terms and Conditions effective 31 January 2021


We’re changing the terms and conditions for all AIB Cards, this is mostly to do with new European Banking Regulations coming up in 2021, which will make online shopping even more secure. If you are a personal customer and would like to find out more about this change please click here. Business customers can find out more here.

These changes impact:

  • AIB Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions.

  • AIB Debit Card Terms and Conditions (Personal and Business debit cards).

  • AIB Corporate, Business and Purchasing Terms and Conditions.

These new terms and conditions are effective from 31 January 2021. We will have provided you with notice of these changes either by letter or by email. 

If we don’t hear from you by 31 January 2021, we’ll take it to mean that you have accepted the changes to the terms and conditions. If you do not want to accept them, you have the right to close your Account free of charge, clearing anything you owe on it first.

Details of the changes and copies of updated and existing terms and conditions

The new terms and conditions are available below. We’ve also outlined all of the changes to the terms and conditions and have a copy of the notice of changes.

To find out more, click on the links below.