If you’ve already missed a payment you may have received a call, letter, text or email from us. Don’t ignore the situation - arrears tend to get worse if you do nothing. The best thing you can do is to pay back the missed payments as soon as you can. While you are in arrears your credit rating may be affected which means it may be more difficult for you to get a loan in the future.

If you can’t clear the arrears on your loans or credit card, you should call us as soon as you can to see if we can change the repayments to make them more manageable for you.

If you can’t clear the arrears on your mortgage you should call us as soon as you can. We’ll let you know what you need to do next. You may need to fill out a Standard Financial Statement (SFS). The SFS is a detailed form which lists all your income and expenses and helps us decide if we can offer you an alternative repayment arrangement. We won’t know which arrangement we can offer you unless we have a completed SFS and any other documents we ask you for such as bank statements. Click here to find out more about the SFS.



Have you missed a mortgage payment?

Have you missed a credit card/loan payment?


Have you had a letter from our solicitors?

Have you had a letter from our solicitors about missed mortgage payments?


You are not alone, some of these stories might sound familiar

Everyone’s story is slightly different, and while these aren’t the names of real customers, some stories might ring a bell. If they do, then you should take action as soon as possible. The best way of avoiding a big problem is to tackle it while it is still a manageable problem.



Greg and Susan’s story

Greg and Susan were separated and Greg no longer lived at the family home. They still had a joint mortgage but because of lower incomes, their mortgage went into arrears. Greg and Susan both filled out the Online SFS separately. Then we were able to work out an arrangement where they paid reduced monthly payments. It was going to take a little while longer to pay off their mortgage, but it meant they could get their mortgage back on track. If you’re behind on your mortgage and can’t catch up on your payments, you should fill out an SFS form as soon as you can. 

Killian’s story

Killian had a car loan, personal loans and credit cards. All the payments seemed manageable on their own, but when his job suddenly became part-time the payments were mounting up and suddenly became overwhelming. He was now missing payments on his credit card and his personal loans as he struggled to keep pace. After a few calls with Killian we worked out how to consolidate all the loans and arrears and agreed a repayment plan. It did mean that Killian had to reduce his spending, but it felt great to be back in control.


Sinead's story

Sinead had never had any money worries but suddenly her employer shut the business. As a result, she missed a few mortgage payments. She read up online about the SFS and Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process ‘MARP’ and once she felt more informed she called us. The agent was friendly and helped her to start her SFS online. Doing it online meant she didn’t have to deal with paper forms or have access to a printer or photocopier. We came to an arrangement which meant a period of reduced monthly payments until she was back to work. If you have missed a mortgage payment, you should fill out your SFS as soon as you can, start here.


What should I do if I can’t pay?

If you’ve missed a payment, you should repay your arrears as soon as you can. If you can’t pay back your arrears, you should take action straight away.

  • For mortgage arrears, call us on 0818 251 008

  • For loans, call us on 01 7725714

  • For credit cards, call us on 01 668 5500.

If you call us, we promise to listen, be open-minded and not to judge. Our people have helped thousands of customers to get finances back on track. We can also give you contact details for third party advisors that can give independent advice. You may have to fill out a Standard Financial Statement. Learn more about our SFS and MARP process or read our MARP booklet.


Talk to Us about your Mortgage payments
If you think you will miss a payment call us
Call us on 0818 251 008
Talk to Us about your Loan payments
If you think you will miss a loan payment call us
Call us on 01 7725714
Talk to Us about your Credit Card payments
If you think you will miss a Credit Card payment call us
Call us on 01 668 5500.

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