Standard Financial Statement: Help and Guidance

The best thing you can do with any mortgage arrears is to pay them back in full.

If you don’t think you can do that, then you need to tell us exactly where your finances are and the only way to do that is to fill out a Standard Financial Statement, or SFS. It is necessary under the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP).

The SFS form is quite long and detailed and can take quite some time to fill out, but it gives us both a very clear picture of your finances. And that, along with giving us other documents we ask for, can give you quite a sense of relief.

You can download the form below. There’s a handy user guide to help you.

Many of our customers prefer to call one of us to get some help doing the form. It takes on average 44 minutes to complete, but many manage it in less than that. If at any point you feel you’d like help, just call us.

Download and print an SFS

SFS User Guide

Upload your SFS

Call us for help filling out your SFS

We can help you fill out the SFS step by step.


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