Saving for that something special or even for a rainy day? Need help to make it easier?


It happens – we all raid our savings for the ordinary things, but there are ways to avoid this temptation, such as personalising your account to reflect your goal.


  • Name it - Give your account a name. Imagine calling your savings Dream Home.

  • See it - Add an icon to your savings account - like a picture of a house.

  • Save it - Avoid the temptation of dipping in and watch your savings grow.


Here’s how to set it up:



Look for the piggy bank icon next to the account name on your Accounts Balance page.



Give your savings account a new name that is meaningful to you e.g. First Car, Wedding Fund, Home Deposit. Then, chose an icon that represents your savings goal. Choose from:


You can also name your Current accounts. Just look for the ‘Rename’ button. It’s as easy as that. You can change the name and icon as often as you want.

Savings and Deposits

Whether you are saving for something in particular, have a lump sum to put away, or just want to build an ‘emergency fund’ to give yourself a little peace of mind, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions on our savings accounts or want more advice on how to save, click here

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