Mortgage to Rent Solution from AIB, iCare and IMHO

Like many of our customers, your financial situation may have changed in recent years. You may be concerned about managing your borrowings, now or in the future. The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be for us to help.

AIB Group, iCare Housing and The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, have launched a joint initiative aimed at keeping customers in difficulty with their mortgage, and who qualify for social housing, in their own homes. iCare Housing, a not for profit Approved Housing Body was set up for the purpose of providing and managing social rented housing for customers who are eligible for Mortgage to Rent.


Under the enhanced Mortgage to Rent solution:

  • AIB customers can contact their lender or can avail of free financial advisory services from the IMHO.

  • If a customer’s mortgage debt is deemed unsustainable following an affordability assessment completed by the Bank, the Mortgage to Rent solution may be suitable.

  • If a customer is eligible for, and completes, the Mortgage to Rent process, then:

    • Ownership of the customer’s home transfers to iCare Housing

    • The customer becomes a long-term tenant of iCare Housing

    • Any remaining residual mortgage debt, following property sale, is fully written off

    • The customer has the option to buy back their home, at any time, at the price that iCare Housing paid for the property including any discounts negotiated between iCare Housing and the Bank.

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If you are having difficulty meeting your mortgage repayments or anticipate having difficulty, we would like to work with you to find a way to help you manage your situation. AIB has a 4 step process called the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP). We have a range of solutions, one of which may be suitable for your circumstances.


As well as dealing with AIB directly, you also have other avenues open to you. You can liaise with any third party financial advisor. The IMHO is a debt charity that works to advocate for distressed mortgage holders and to provide practical advice and assistance in negotiating with banks. The IMHO has represented thousands of borrowers in negotiations with banks and has an experienced and dedicated team in place to work with and on behalf of borrowers to guide and assist them in successfully accessing this enhanced Mortgage to Rent solution free of charge.


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