Keeping Track Of Your Transactions

You must ensure that there are available funds in your account to cover the value of any debit card transaction or your transaction may be declined. If any debit card transaction causes your bank account to go overdrawn you may also incur additional charges on your bank account.  AIB has the following range of products that can help you keep track of your balance:

  • AIB Internet Banking (you can also view your pending transactions*)
  • AIB Phone Banking (you can also hear your pending transactions*)
  • AIB Mobile Banking (you can also view your pending transactions*)
  • Kiosk Banking in AIB Branches
  • AIB Banklink ATM Machines

Debit Card transactions at non AIB ATM machines will appear in pending transactions on
AIB Internet Phone & Banking / AIB Mobile Banking until they are debited to your account.

*Please note: Contactless transactions may not appear in your pending transactions on AIB Phone & Internet Banking/AIB Mobile Banking so it's important that you keep track of your Contactless usage.  Once the transaction has been debited to your account, you will see this on your bank account statement.

How to identify debit card transactions on your bank account statement.


AIB Debit Card - Visa debit

Card Function

Statement Narrative
Visa debit used at AIB ATM network.

ATM - "Merchant Name"
Visa debit ATM (non-AIB Banklink ATM)

VDA - "Merchant Name"
Visa debit POS

VDP - "Merchant name"
Visa debit Contactless

VDC - "Merchant Name"

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