Contactless Payments    


Contactless – The faster way to pay

You can pay for your purchases quickly and securely using contactless, Android Pay™ and Apple Pay. Simply touch and pay for items that cost €30 or less with your card/Android Pay/Apple Pay. For items over €30 you can pay using Android Pay/Apple Pay depending on the retailer.         


If there is a Contactless symbol  on the front of your card, then your card is enabled for Contactless payments.


How do I get started?


Card: To activate contactless  on your new card, complete a Chip & PIN or ATM transaction and then you’re good to go.


Android Pay: Get the app on the google play store, add your debit or personal credit card and follow the on screen instructions. To find out more go to

Apple Pay: Add your debit or personal credit card to your Apple Pay Wallet and follow the on screen instructions. For more go to



Please note: Contactless transactions may not appear in your pending transaction on AIB Phone & Internet Banking/AIB Mobile Banking/AIB Tablet Banking so it's important that you keep track of your Contactless usage. 


You must ensure that there are available funds in your account to cover the value of any card transaction or your transaction may be declined. For more information on how to keep track of the balance on your bank account, please see Keeping Track of Your Transactions in the Help and Guidance section below.

To find out more about Contactless payments please view our Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Charges 

No transaction fees apply to credit cards. For debit cards the transaction fee is waived on contactless transactions until further notice, additional charges may apply when using your card abroad. Foreign currency fees and charges are detailed in our ‘Schedule of International Charges’. These brochures are also available from any AIB Branch.


Help and Guidance

Debit Card for Personal Customers

The easy and secure way to pay for every day items and access your cash.

Debit Card for Business Customers

Pay for goods and services without using cheques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to any questions you may have on your Credit or Debit Card.


Keeping Track of your Transactions

Get more information on the range of products from AIB that can help you keep track of the balance on your bank account.


Secure Internet Shopping

Get more information on how you can protect your card against unauthorised use when you shop online.

For all service related queries please visit our Help Centre.