The AIB Debit Card allows you to make purchases and withdraw money from your AIB bank account in Ireland and worldwide. You can use your card in shops, at ATMs and online wherever Visa Debit is accepted.

AIB Debit Card

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Simply call us on: 01 269 5022 or +353 1 269 5022 (from outside Ireland). We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about AIB Debit Cards.

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For all service related queries please visit our Help Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to any questions you may have on the AIB Debit Card.

How to Minimise Account Fees & Service Charges

Find out how personal customers can reduce their banking costs.

Keeping Track of your Transactions

Get more information on the range of products from AIB that can help you keep track of the balance on your account.

Secure online shopping

When you’re shopping online, we may need to confirm that it’s really you using your card. This is to keep your card secure. To find out more click here.

Using your Debit Card abroad? 

You can use your AIB Debit or Credit Card to conveniently and securely access money or pay for goods and services abroad? It offers you access to your money in millions of locations worldwide and means you don’t have to carry lots of cash. You can use your card in shops, hotels, filling stations, restaurants etc. abroad – anywhere that displays the Visa logo.

For more information on foreign exchange visit AIB Travel & Foreign Exchange

Other Information

The AIB Debit Card is only available to AIB Personal Account holders, and parental consent is required if the cardholder is under 16.

Government Stamp Duty will be charged at a rate of €0.12 per ATM transaction. Government Stamp Duty only applies to ATM transactions carried out within Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland). This charge is capped at €2.50 if you only use your debit card for ATM transactions and capped at €5 if you use your debit card for both purchases and ATM transactions. Government Stamp Duty charge on debit cards is applied in January, for the previous year.

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