Knowing you can use more money if you need it.

A Personal Overdraft gives you an extra balance on your current account that you can use temporarily.


AIB Personal Overdraft


Key Features and Benefits - What you need to know

  • Easy access to funds: You can use the overdraft through your Debit Card, by taking money out of an ATM, or when you write a cheque or pay a bill. You can also use it through Internet Banking.

  • Automatic renewal: If you use your account within the overdraft limit we agree with you, then we may automatically renew it when the term comes to an end.

  • If you are a Student Plus Account or Graduate Account holder you can apply at your local branch for a reduced overdraft interest rate. Or, you can call our Student & Graduate Centre on 0818 303 203, lines open 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday.

  • An overdraft facility fee of €25.39 per annum or per overdraft sanction, whichever is the more frequent, will be applied. Interest is charged at the Bank's Standard Variable 'A' Overdraft Reference Rate. The variable interest rate is calculated on the daily debit balance and charged quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Who can apply?

  • Customers with a Personal Bank Account Plus or Current Account can apply for a Personal Overdraft up to an agreed amount.

  • If you have a Personal Bank Account on your own or an AIB Advantage Account and are registered for AIB Phone & Internet Banking, you can apply for your overdraft online through AIB Internet Banking or through the AIB Mobile App and get a decision on your application usually within 3 business hours*.

  • *Although we aim to provide a decision within 3 business hours, this period may be extended for technical or other legitimate reasons. You can apply online through AIB Internet Banking, the AIB Mobile App. You can also book a branch appointment or phone AIB Direct Banking 1890 724 724 if you would like to speak to someone in person. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

How much of an overdraft can I have?

Usually, you can apply for an overdraft for an amount up to that of your monthly income within a range between €500 to €10,000. For amounts over €10,000 please contact your local branch or call us on 1890 724 724.

AIB Student Interest Free Overdraft

An Interest Free Overdraft gives you an extra balance on your current account that you can use temporarily. First and second year students can apply for an overdraft of up to €1,000 interest free, and third and fourth year students can apply for an overdraft of up to €1,500 interest free. This gives you additional funds that you can use if and when you need them for those unexpected costs during your student years.

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    How Student overdraft works

    • Once you apply and we approve you  for a new overdraft facility, you'll benefit from our 'interest free' overdraft

    • We also will not charge you the  Standard Overdraft Facility Fee of €25.39  for the time  you hold an AIB Student Plus Account

    • We will charge our Standard Variable 'A' rate for Personal Overdrafts for any overdrafts we agree to over €1,500.

    • For overdraft facilities above €600 we may need a parental/guardian guarantee.

      There are terms and conditions to our loans. We will tell you more about these when you apply. We will only offer a loan to you if you are over 18 years and when we think you have the ability to pay it back.

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