Our standards for doing business with customers and suppliers


We always act with integrity. We manage our business responsibly, applying clear corporate governance and risk management principles to all we do. We comply with both the spirit and the letter of all laws, regulations and codes where we do business. We are committed to protecting and sustaining the markets in which we operate. View our policy here.

We do not tolerate modern slavery within our operations or within our supply chain. We recognise the risks of modern slavery in our supply chain and have taken appropriate steps to mitigate these risks. Our Code of Conduct underpins all our actions and our people are encouraged to report any concerns. Senior Management are expected to act upon concerns. View our modern slavery statement here.

We believe in open and fair competition. We do not engage in or accept any form of bribery, collusive anti-competitive discussions or agreements. We do not abuse our position in any of the markets that we operate in to gain unfair or unethical advantage. View our anti bribery and corruption policy here.

We take all appropriate steps to prevent or avoid situations where a conflict of interests may arise or may appear to arise. It is not enough to rely on disclosure of actual or potential conflicts: pro-active steps must be taken to prevent conflicts of interests occurring in the first place. View our conflict of interest policy here.

We want to do business responsibly and sustainably, and to live by our economic, social, ethical, and environmental values. We want to do business with suppliers that have the same values, and that operate in the same responsible and sustainable manner. We seek to work with likeminded suppliers that join us in our pledge to do more.

Every organisation faces the risk that something will go wrong either accidentally or otherwise. It is very important that we hear about such things, at an early stage, so we can fix them. We have a number of mechanisms in place for raising concerns, including our Speak Up (whistleblowing) process. Our Speak Up policy provides guidance on the process for reporting wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing through a number of channels. Read more about our speak up policy here .

Our suppliers must comply with our Financial Supplier Qualification system (FSQS) more information is here.

Once we engage with a supplier that has completed the FSQS, our suppliers will comply with our policies and procedures.