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    Freeze Card Online Now

    If you think you have mislaid your card, here's how you can put a temporary Freeze on it:


    1. Log in to Freeze your card by clicking the button below.

    2. Select your Credit or Debit card, and select Freeze Card.



    Please Note:

    You should only do this as a temporary measure. When the freeze is in place you will be unable to use your card.


    If you find your card, follow the steps above but select the 'Unfreeze Card' option and use your card again as normal. If you can't find your card, you should cancel it straight away by reporting it as lost/stolen online.

    Click on this short video to see how to freeze your card on the AIB Mobile App.
    For more 'how to' videos to help with your day-to-day banking, click here.

    You can download AIB's App from the Google Play or Apple App store.

    See how you can freeze your card on the AIB Mobile App.



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    In Your Branch

    Visit the Quick Banking Area where you can use the Kiosk with your Phone & Internet Banking Registration Number & PAC details.

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