Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to help you through uncertain times. These will be updated regularly with the latest information and guidance.

Customer & Staff Support

  • Will AIB be closing branches ?
    • AIB is currently fully operational. We are taking all measures to ensure minimum disruption to our services as the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation develops.
    • We have already closed our university branches in line with government guidelines. We plan to keep the rest of our network open to support customers and are assessing it daily as the situation evolves . See here for latest information.
    • Customers have access to daily banking 24/7 with our internet banking and mobile app. 
  • What is AIB doing for its customers though this crisis?

    We know that many of you are worried about being financially impacted by COVID-19. Our aim is to continue to support you though this situation and we encourage you to contact us if you need advice or support. We have put together a range of solutions for customers who are experiencing difficulty

  • What is AIB doing to support Irish businesses through this crisis?

    With the evolving COVID-19 situation many businesses are facing disruption & uncertainty. Our aim is to continue to support you though this situation and we encourage you to contact us if you need advice or support. We will remain flexible in our response as the situation evolves and we will keep you updated on the range of tailored solutions for both our business and personal customers. See a list of some of our solutions here.

  • What is AIB doing to keep customers and staff safe in branches?
    • We have increased the cleaning of branches and self-service machines including ATMs in line with HSE recommendations. We have also set aside the 1st hour daily (10am-11am) for vulnerable customers and ask all customers to respect this.
    • To maintain social distancing we are limiting the number of customers who can come into our branches at any one time.  This may result in some customers having to wait outside for a while.  As a reminder, many banking services are available online, on our mobile app and through phone banking.  


    Thank you in advance for supporting these initiatives to protect one another.

  • What if I am concerned about fraud or financial abuse during this period?

    If you think you have been a victim of fraud or have noticed any unusual activity on your account you should contact us immediately. For contact details please visit the AIB Security Centre here.    

    People are more vulnerable to financial abuse when they have to depend on family or carers for help with spending or managing their money.

    You can ask us for help if you are worried that someone else has control over your money without your permission.

    If you are concerned that a family member or friend has lost control of their money to someone they don’t trust, please let us know.

    More information and contact details can be found here


General Support

  • Will AIB travel insurance cover me for COVID-19 related cancellations?
    • For AIB travel insurance policies purchased before 18/03/2020 click here for more information and access to FAQ’s.
    • For future purchases of AIB travel insurance, this policy does NOT cover cancellation due to current or future advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) or regulations of any country banning or restricting travel. For the full list of covered perils and exclusions please review the Terms and Conditions.
    • If you require further information, you can contact our Travel Insurance partner, Chubb, at 1800 24 24 67.
  • How do I get a refund for a flight/holiday/event that I’ve had to cancel?

    These situations can be complicated, please call the Cards team on 01 668 5500

  • Can I access my Savings and Deposit Accounts during COVID-19?

    We understand that nobody plans for an event like this. You’re not on your own. If you’re a phone & internet banking customer you can access your accounts easily via online banking.  Should you have an online notice account, you can choose to have your money automatically transferred on expiry of notice, to any account on your internet banking profile.

    If you are worried about cashflow and require early access to your notice or fixed deposit accounts please contact your branch or our Customer Service Advisor team on 0818 724 724 number (International + 353 1 771 2424). We are here to help and discuss options.

  • What banking services can I carry out at my local post office if I cannot make it to a branch?

    You can lodge or withdraw cash using your AIB debit card and pay your AIB credit card bill at your local An Post office. For more details click here

  • How do I cancel a Direct Debit or Standing Order?

    To cancel a direct debit:

    • Go to the ‘Pay & Transfer’ section on the Mobile Banking app or on Internet Banking, click on ‘Direct Debits’ and choose the particular payment.
    • Click ‘Cancel direct debit’ and ‘Confirm’. This needs to be done by 21:00 on the business day before the payment will be taken. We also suggest that you contact the person you are paying to let them know.


    To cancel a standing order:

    • Go to the ‘Pay & Transfer’ section on the Mobile Banking app or on Internet Banking, click on ‘Standing orders’ and choose the particular payment. Click ‘cancel’.
  • How do I register or re-register for Phone & Internet Banking?

    To register for Phone and Internet Banking, call our Customer Service Team on 0818 724 020. We’ll ask you to answer some security questions; but it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be up and running straight away.  

  • What can I do online and through the AIB Mobile App?

    AIB’s Online Banking and Mobile App give you the freedom and flexibility to bank whenever you need to, from wherever you are. Click here to see which services you can carry out using Internet, Tablet and Mobile banking

  • I’ve forgotten my Phone & Internet Banking Registration Number. Where can I find it?
    • If you are already set up on the Mobile Banking App, log in as normal, go to ‘Services’ and ‘My Details’. Your Registration Number is listed at the top of the page.
    • If you don’t have access to the Mobile Banking App you can click on this link and follow the steps to retrieve your Registration Number. 
  • How do I reset my Personal Access Code (PAC)?
    • If you’ve forgotten your PAC and need to reset it please call us on 0818 724 020 (or from outside Ireland by calling +353 1771 24 24) and select option 4.
    • If you know your PAC and want to change it, log in to Internet Banking, choose 'Services & Settings' and 'Change PAC'.

Cards & Contactless Payments Support 

  • Will I be charged for contactless payments?

    The previously communicated introduction of 1c charge for contactless transaction has been suspended.

  • Can I use contactless to pay amounts over €30?

    With Google Pay, Apple Pay and Fitbit Pay you can tap your device to pay for things above €30, in most shops. Every now and again we may ask you to use chip and PIN to keep your account secure. For help on how to get your device set up select one of the options below​:

  • Can I use contactless if I have basic current account /student current account?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get a contactless debit card with a basic or student current account. You can however make contactless payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit Pay using a compatible device. To get set up, click on one of the options below:


  • Will Government Stamp Duty on Credit Cards be deferred?

    The Minister for Finance has decided to defer the collection of stamp duty on credit cards, which is normally charged in April each year. Government Stamp Duty of €30 will now be charged on July 1 this year, for the period of 2 April 2019 to 1 April 2020.

  • Can I get an additional credit card so someone can help with my shopping?

    Yes, you may have one additional cardholder who is a family member (parent, partner, spouse, sibling or child over 16 years) who normally resides at your address, on your Credit Card Account. We call that an Authorised User. You will need to complete this form and post it back to AIB Card Issuing, FREEPOST, PO Box 708, Sandyford, Dublin 18.

  • I’ve lost my debit/credit card. What can I do?
    • If you think you’ve lost your card, but you’re not sure, you can freeze it.
    • If you’ve definitely lost it, you’ll need to cancel it permanently.


  • I have forgotten my debit card PIN. What can I do?

    The good news is you can get a PIN reminder in a matter of minutes without the need to speak to an advisor or call into a branch.Follow the steps below and you can quickly get sorted.

    1. Call on 0818 724 724 (+353 1 771 24 24 from outside Ireland).
    2. Select option 1 and enter your security details (you will need to have your registration Number to hand)
    3. Press * for the phone banking menu and option 4 for ‘PIN retrieval on your personal visa debit card'.
    4. Follow the instructions and make sure that you have your debit card to hand
  • I have forgotten my credit card PIN. What can I do?

    If you have forgotten your credit card PIN, please call 01 668 5500 and speak to one of us and we will help you.

  • How do I unlock my debit/credit card PIN?

    If you know your PIN but it is locked, you can reset it at an AIB ATM attached to a branch. Insert your card, Select ‘PIN services’ then ‘PIN unlock’.

  • I received a text asking me to confirm spend on my account. Can I continue to use my card?

    If you received a text and you replied ‘Y’ (within four hours), please continue to use your card as normal, there’s no need to call. If you missed the four hour window, you will need to call our Cards team on 01 6685500. If you replied ‘N’ as you didn’t recognise the transactions, don’t worry, one of our team members will give you a call

Mortgage Customer Support

  • What is a mortgage payment holiday?

    We know times are tough so we are offering mortgage customers who have been affected by COVID-19 a mortgage 3 month payment break (moratorium) or interest only payment break. This gives you the flexibility to take a break from paying your mortgage repayments for up to 3 months.

  • Who is eligible to apply for a mortgage payment holiday?

    Any of our AIB PDH mortgage customers who have been affected by COVID-19 are eligible to apply and we will do our best to help you. You can find more information here

  • What happens when the payment holiday on my mortgage ends?

    When the payment break (moratorium) or Interest Only period ends, your monthly repayments over the remaining term of your loan will be increased to ensure that your mortgage will be repaid (together with interest due) within its original term.

  • What’s the difference between a payment break (moratorium) and interest only payment break?

    We understand many customers are facing challenging times ahead. We offer our mortgage customers, 2 types of payment holidays. A complete payment break means you will not have to make any mortgage repayments for up to 3 months. Interest only payment break means you can make interest only repayments for up to 3 months. You will not repay any of the original mortgage balance during the interest only payment period.

  • I need to take a short term break from paying my mortgage. How can I apply for a mortgage break?

    If you are experiencing short term cash flow issues due to COVID-19 and you need to take a break from paying your mortgage, click here to complete the online request form 

    Alternatively, please call us on 01 772 6609 (Opening hours Monday- Friday 9am-5pm) and we’ll do our best to help you

  • I have longer term cash flow issues, can I apply for a payment holiday on my mortgage?

    If you are experiencing longer term cash flow issues due to COVID-19and you need to take a break from paying your mortgage. Please call us on 1890 252 008 (Opening hours are 9am -8pm Monday to Thursday.9am to 6pm on Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays) and we’ll do our best to help you.

  • If I’m approved for a payment holiday on my mortgage, when will the break (moratorium) commence?

    Once you’re approved, the payment holiday will begin for the following 3 months. So if you are approved in March, your payment break (moratorium) will take place over April, May and June.

  • My mortgage direct debit is due to leave my account the next few days? Can I still apply for the payment holiday?

    If your mortgage direct debit is due in the next few days it will be impossible to stop it as it’s in flight. If you apply and are approved, the break (moratorium) will commence in April.

  • COVID -19 has affected my ability to repay my mortgage but I have Payment Protection Insurance, will this help me?

    If you’ve been a mortgage customer from before the end of February 2013 and opted for Payment Protection Insurance, you may be eligible to claim. If you wish to discuss your policy options please contact AXA Partners at 061 737373 for further information.

Business Customer Support

  • How do I unlock my Digipass for iBusiness Banking (iBB)?

    If you are using the standard iBB:

    There’s a helpful video here:

    1. On the login screen enter your User ID and click ‘Continue’. Select 'Unlock Digipass' and enter your Passphrase.
    2. Enter the 7 digit LKD Code from your Digipass into the Unlock Code field on iBB and click ‘Unlock Digipass’. 
    3. Your Local Admin then needs to log in to validate the unlock. They will get an 8 digit Unlock Code that you key into your Digipass.
    4. Depending on your IBB set-up, you may need a second Local Admin to validate your request.
    5. Once you’re in we’ll ask you to key in a new 4 digit PIN for use on the Digipass.
    6. If there is no Local Admin available, please contact iBB on 0818 72 00 00. 


    If you have been upgraded to the new iBB:

    1. On the new iBB login screen click on ‘Trouble logging in’
    2. Then click ‘I forgot my Digipass PIN’ and ‘Next’.
    3. We’ll prompt you to enter your User ID, your password and the Lock Code (LKD) from your Digipass. There are instructions on screen to help with this.
    4. Then click ‘Request unlock code’ and ask your Local Admin to login and validate the unlock.  They will then get the unlock code to share with you.
    5. If there is no Local Admin available, please contact iBB on 0818 72 00 00. 


  • How do I reset a User’s Passphrase for iBusiness Banking (iBB)?
    1. Only Local Admins can do this for iBB users.
    2. Go to the Local Admin option on the left hand side menu and click on ‘User List’. Select the User and click ‘Reset’. Then confirm the request using your Digipass.
    3. Once the user is reset, we will ask them to create a new passphrase on their next logon. The passphrase rules are on the iBB screen.
    4. Once this is done, the Local Admin has to log in again and validate the user.
    5. Depending on your IBB set-up, you may need a second Local Admin to validate your request.
  • I’ve forgotten my iBB User ID. How do I retrieve it?
    1. A Local Admin will need to log into iBB for you.
    2. Go to ‘Local Admin’ option on the left hand side menu, click on ‘User List’.
    3. Each User’s name is listed along with their corresponding User ID.