Mortgage support during COVID-19

We are here to support our customers during COVID-19.

The deadline to apply for your first COVID-19 payment break was 30 September and applications are now closed. 

If you are experiencing an income reduction because of COVID-19, we have some options you can consider here.

If you are already on a COVID-19 payment break, your options are outlined below. If you are in a position to continue or return to making payments it is in your financial best interests to do so as the cost of credit may increase because of the payment break.

Payment break options

I didn’t apply for a COVID-19 payment break. What supports are available to me?

Extended payment break options

I already have a COVID-19 payment break on my mortgage account and I want to know what to do next

Extended payment break options

What are my options following my second COVID-19 payment break? (For customers who have had two, three-month payment breaks)

Frequently Asked Questions