I ordered goods but I have received the wrong goods/damaged goods, can I dispute this charge?


Yes you can but the first thing you need to do is contact the company you ordered the goods from and tell them what has happened. In order for us to dispute this charge the incorrect/damaged goods have to be returned to the company and we will need proof of this, such as a registered post receipt or an email from them confirming receipt of the goods.

If you have asked them for a return address and they have not given you one, then we will need proof that you have attempted to return the goods, so keep copies of any emails.

Send us the proof that you have returned, or attempted to return, the goods, along with your invoice and a clear description of how the goods received differed from what was ordered, or describe how they were damaged. You might find our dispute form helpful; it can be found at https://aib.ie/content/dam/aib/personal/docs/our-products/credit-cards/dispute-transaction-form.pdf.

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