Want to join AIB from Ulster Bank or KBC Bank?

If you’re ready to make a move, AIB will make your day-to-day banking easier. As a customer, you can look forward to the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you need, whenever you want.

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Why become an AIB customer

 Making and managing payments has never been easier with the AIB Mobile app. With it, you can check your balance, pay a contact, view statements, manage your direct debits and much more.
 Whether it's online transactions, login authentication for online or mobile banking, freezing a lost or stolen card, AIB ensures your banking is always secure.
 We offer a range of current accounts designed to meet your daily needs. So wherever you’re located, you can bank quickly & securely.



Are you eligible to open an account on the AIB app?

Opening a sole AIB Current Account using the AIB Mobile app is simple if you:
 Are aged 16 and over.
 Live in the Republic of Ireland.
Click here to view our step-by-step guide to open a current account.
Click here for our ‘How to Become an AIB Customer’ guide.
If you need extra help for any reason, click here.


Would you like to apply for a credit card or overdraft?

 If you want to apply for a credit card and you’re a new AIB customer find out more here.
 If you’re interested in applying for an Overdraft and you’re a new AIB Customer find out more here.




Once you've opened your account with AIB, here’s a step-by-step guide on getting it up and running:

 Step 1. Use your Registration Number and Personal Access Code (PAC) to login to the AIB Mobile app. 
 Step 2. Follow the steps on screen to set up Strong Customer Authentication on the AIB app. This is an extra layer of security to confirm that it’s you that’s using your account. 
 Step 3. Transfer some money into your new account.
 Step 4. Share your new AIB account details like your BIC and IBAN with your employer, or anyone else that pays you. 
 Step 5. Download all of your previous statements from your old bank and make a list of all your existing direct debits and standing orders like mortgage payments, local property tax, insurance premiums, utility bills and any other regular payments. 
 Step 6. On the same day change any regular direct debits or debit card payments like gym membership or subscriptions. Make sure to contact any companies that you had Direct Debits with and give them your new AIB Account BIC and IBAN. 
 Step 7. For some services on Internet Banking you’ll need a Card Reader. You can order a card reader in the ‘services and setting’ tab on AIB Internet Banking. If you’re an Ulster Bank Customer you can use your existing card reader. 
 Step 8. Set up new payees and standing orders on your new AIB account on a day when payments aren’t being made into and out of your old account. You can do this easily on AIB Internet Banking by using your Card Reader. 
 Step 9. Contact your old bank and tell them to close your account and transfer your balance to your new account. 

Need more support?

Learn how to open an account and switch to AIB today here.
If you need extra help for any reason, click here.
If you need more information about opening a current account, click here to view our FAQs.