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At AIB, we have a range of current accounts designed to meet your daily needs so that you can bank quickly and securely from anywhere with our mobile app. Freedom and flexibility to do whatever you need, whenever you want.

With an AIB Current Account you have access to the AIB Mobile app. Features & benefits of the AIB app:



The AIB Mobile app makes everyday banking easier. Use it to:

Transfer up to €1,000 directly each day if your contact is an AIB customer and you have their phone number.
Make a one-off payment of up to €1,000 to another Irish bank account*. 
Set up and use Apple Pay, Google Pay & Fitbit Pay in minutes.
View, change and cancel standing orders.
Check or cancel direct debits easily.
View, print, save and share up to seven years of statements.
Making purchases and withdrawing money from your AIB Personal Current Account in Ireland and worldwide is simple with the AIB Debit Card. Use it in shops, at ATMs, online and wherever Visa Debit is accepted.



Safeguarding your banking

Tap your transactions to see more information about each transaction, such as its time, date and type.
Lost your card? Prevent unauthorised access to your money by freezing your card easily. You can also unfreeze it if it’s then found.
Need a replacement card? Use the app to cancel your old one and have a new card posted to you.
Login securely if your smartphone offers Fingerprint Authentication for Android and FaceID or TouchID for Apple.


You can also use the AIB mobile app to:

Open a Savings Account.
No need to visit a branch. You can open a savings account using the AIB Mobile app.
Statement of fees.
You can see your statement of fees in the app. Find out how to minimise your fees here
*Transaction limits apply, learn more here. Transaction fees and charges may apply. AIB Mobile Banking is available 20 hours a day, subject to our Terms and Conditions.

How you can open a current account



Open an account in minutes using the AIB mobile app

Opening a sole AIB Current Account using the AIB Mobile app is simple if you:

 Are aged 16 and over.

 Live in the Republic of Ireland.

 Have a valid Passport or other acceptable Photographic ID


Once you've opened your account with AIB, here’s a step-by-step guide on getting it up and running:

 Step 1: Use your Registration Number and Personal Access Code (PAC) to login to the AIB Mobile app.
 Step 2: Follow the steps on screen to set up Strong Customer Authentication on the AIB  Mobile app. This is an extra layer of security to confirm that it’s you that’s using your account.
 Step 3: Transfer some money into your new account.
 Step 4: Make sure that anyone who pays you (such as your employer) has your new AIB account details, especially your BIC and IBAN.
 Step 5: Download all of your previous statements from your old bank and list all of your existing direct debits and standing orders. These could include your mortgage payments, local property tax, insurance premiums, utility bills and any other regular payments.
 Step 6: For some services on Internet Banking you’ll need a Card Reader. You can order a card reader in the ‘services and settings’ tab on AIB Internet Banking.
 Step 7: Set up new payees and standing orders on your new AIB account on a day when payments aren’t being made into and out of your old account. You can do this easily on AIB Internet Banking by using your Card Reader.
 Step 8: On the same day, change any regular direct debits or debit card payments like gym membership or subscriptions.
 Step 9: Clear your old account balance and close the old account.


Not eligible to open a current account using the AIB Mobile app? Here are other ways to open one:


Switch your account at your AIB local branch

The Central Bank of Ireland’s Code of Conduct on the Switching of Payment Accounts with Payment Service Providers provides you with the following two options:
Option A:
Switch your Personal Current Account(s) to AIB and close your Personal Current Account(s) with your 'Old Bank'.
Option B:
Switch all your active direct debits and standing orders to your new/ existing Personal Current Account while your 'old' Personal Current Account(s) remain open with your 'Old Bank'.
Staff at your local AIB branch will be very happy to help you open an AIB Current Account. You can book an appointment here.
You will need to bring:
 Your complete the AIB Switchers Pack.
 One proof of ID.



Important documents




Need more support?

Please visit our help centre for commonly asked questions on our servies and accounts management.
If you need extra help for any reason, click here.
If you're a business customer and want to open a business account, click here.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please talk to one of our staff by contacting any of our branches or our customer service helpline 0818 300 245 (+ 353 1 771 2424 from outside Ireland), lines are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm), if you do not possess the documentation outlined above. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and find the right kind of current account for you.

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Regulatory Information

You may also be interested in switching your Personal Current Account from AIB to another bank.
To do this you must get a Switching Pack from the Bank that you wish to transfer your account into and follow the steps that are outlined. This process is in line with the Central Bank of Ireland's Switching Code. Please contact your branch if you need more information.