A new account that helps make managing your money easy and convenient.

The AIB Basic Bank Account is a payment account which is available to customers that are EU residents aged 16 or over and who do not hold a personal payment account* with any bank in Ireland.

The purchase of additional services is not required in order to open an AIB Basic Bank Account.


*'personal payment account’ means any personal account (sole or joint) that is used primarily for the execution of day-to-day payment transactions which has at least the following features: the account allows you to (a) place funds, (b) withdraw cash within the European Union and (c) make and receive payment transactions within the European Union including: (i) direct debits, (ii) payment card transactions including online payments, (iii) credit transfers (including standing orders), at terminals and counters of your credit institution where available, and via online banking. Current Accounts are usually personal payment accounts.

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AIB Basic Bank Account

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    Features and Benefits

    Easy access to your money.

    Pay for goods and services with our AIB Debit Card in store or online or use your card to make cash withdrawals at ATMs in Ireland and anywhere in the world where Visa Debit is accepted. The AIB Debit Card available with the AIB Basic Bank Account does not have contactless functionality.

    Terms and conditions apply. Debit cards are liable to annual Government Stamp Duty. Government Stamp Duty will be charged at a rate of €0.12 per ATM transaction. Government Stamp Duty only applies to ATM transactions carried out within Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland). This charge is capped at €2.50 if you only use your debit card for ATM transactions and capped at €5 if you use your debit card for both purchases and ATM transactions. Government Stamp Duty charge on debit cards is applied in January, for the previous year. 


    Manage your bills on the go.

    Pay your bills in any AIB branch or through AIB Phone & Internet Banking, if you are registered for Phone & Internet Banking. Manage your money on the move and download our mobile banking app. See our full range of Ways to Bank Options.


    Never miss a payment.

    Use your AIB Current Account to set up Direct Debits to automate the scheduling of your regular payments.


    International transfers.

    Send funds in all major currencies from your account to most destinations worldwide through AIB Internet Banking or in any AIB branch. Find out more about International Transfers (subject to relevant Fees & Charges – refer to the AIB Fees & Charges and Schedule of International Transaction Charges booklets).

    Stay in Control.

    Receive regular statements and fee advices by post or sign up for a free, convenient and secure method of receiving your eStatements and eFee Advices online.

    Before you can switch to eStatements and eFee Advices you will need to be registered for AIB Phone & Internet Banking.

    Benefits for you as an AIB Basic Bank Account holder:

    All AIB Basic Bank Account holders are eligible for the following benefits for not less than the first 12 months:

    • No maintenance fees
    • No transaction fees

    Note: Other charges are still applicable (including certain service charges and international transaction charges).

    We will convert your AIB Basic Bank Account to another account to which additional fees and charges will apply where:

    • on any annual anniversary of the date of opening of your AIB Basic Bank Account the total annual value of lodgements to your AIB Basic Bank Account in the previous year exceeds the national minimum wage threshold; or
    • your AIB Basic Bank Account has been open for 5 years or more (regardless of the total annual value of lodgements to your AIB Basic Bank Account).

    Terms and conditions apply.

    How to obtain these Benefits and the General Conditions that apply.


    Additional Services

    Top up any Meteor, Vodafone, eMobile, Three* and Tesco mobile on the move. Find out more about Mobile Top Ups.


    * Top Up by Text is not available to Three mobile customers.

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Talk to Us

Simply call 1890 724 724 (+ 353 1 771 2424 from outside Ireland, lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm and Saturday 9am – 6pm), or drop into any AIB branch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and find the right kind of current account for you.

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Help and Guidance

Register for AIB Internet Banking today

With secure online and mobile banking, you can manage your money while you’re on the move 24/7

Help Centre

For all service related queries please visit our Help Centre.


Glossary of Terms
This document explains the fees outlined in the Fee Information Document.

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    Find out how to open a new AIB Basic Bank Account.

    You will need to provide us with the following documentation:


    Proof of Identification Requirements

    In order to comply with legislation to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, we will need to see suitable documentation to verify both your identity and your current permanent address. You will need to provide one Photo ID and one Proof of Address.

    Suitable Proof of Photographic Identification:

    • Current Valid signed Passport,
    • Current Valid Driving Licence - must contain photograph (Irish Provisional accepted),
    • Current EU National Identity Card


    Suitable Proof of Address:

    Documents must be no more than 6 months old. For example:

    • Utility Bill,
    • Correspondence from a regulated financial institution (bank, building society, credit union, credit card company, insurance/assurance company.),
    • Correspondence from a government department/body.



    • If you are not currently resident in Ireland, you will need to provide us two proof of address documents
    • The name on your photographic identification (e.g. name on your passport) must exactly match the name on your proof of address (e.g. full name on your gas bill)
    • Please talk to one of our staff by contacting any of our branches or our customer service helpline (1890 724 724 (+ 353 1 771 2424 from outside Ireland, lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm and Saturday 9am – 6pm), if you do not possess the documentation outlined above. 
    • Photocopies of documents are not acceptable.


    Personal Identification Requirements


    One of our Customer Service Officials in any of our branches or via our customer service helpline will be happy to take you through the next steps for opening your new Basic Bank Account with AIB.

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    How to minimise your bank fees and charges

    You can reduce the level of your fees by using automated/self service transactions where possible:

    • Use your AIB Debit card when you are making purchases in Euro. It’s more economical than writing cheques or making paper cash withdrawals.

    • When you use your AIB Debit card and request cashback as part of the same transaction, you pay for only one transaction rather than two. (The cashback facility is at the discretion of the retailer.)

    • Use AIB Phone & Internet Banking to pay bills, transfer funds from one account to another or check the balance and transactions on your account. This is less expensive than cheques or paper withdrawals and more convenient.

    • Alternatively you can now pay a wide range of bills by direct debit, for example utilities, insurance, mortgages, and subscriptions. This will save you money and ensure that your bills are always paid on time.

    • Use your AIB Debit card for Euro cash withdrawals. This is cheaper than cheques or paper withdrawals and more convenient (please note some ATM providers may charge an additional fee for this service).

    • Use an AIB Credit card to pay for goods and services in over 40,000 outlets in Ireland. When you receive your credit card statement, you can clear your account using AIB Phone & Internet Banking or by direct debit.

    • Standing Orders can be set-up, amended and cancelled free of charge via AIB Phone & Internet Banking.

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