Covid-19 - Latest updates

Monday 23rd March 2020

Update on AIB Group supports for customers through COVID-19 crisis

AIB has revised and updated its measures and supports to help customers through COVID-19. Customers can find updates, contact details, and further information at

From today, AIB has made available an online process, allowing customers to access a three month payment break (moratorium) on home mortgage, personal and SME loans.

- Application forms are available now at

For SME customers, AIB is also providing working capital support and the rescheduling of loan payments for impacted customers. Information is available at

We continue to waive contactless payment fees. This also applies to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit Pay Contactless transactions, which are not subject to the contactless payment limit of €30 in most merchants. AIB is working with the industry to increase this limit to €50 for Contactless Card transactions which is expected to become effective over the coming weeks.

AIB has suspended the planned introduction of maintenance and transactions fees for customers who keep a minimum balance of €2,500 per fee quarter. Customers who received correspondence from the bank can disregard the changes to fees and charges advised.   

Our AIB and EBS branches remain open to our customers, except for those locations on campuses that closed following advice from the health authorities.

Priority banking time is allocated for our older and more vulnerable customers from 10am until 11am each morning.  We are asking our other customers to plan their branch visits outside this time.

We are maintaining physical distancing in our branches and increased cleaning operations of branches, self-service machines and ATMs in line with HSE recommendations.

Chief executive Colin Hunt said “AIB recognises the extraordinary pressure on families, individuals, businesses and communities as a result of the sudden disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. All AIB’s staff and systems are focussed on supporting our customers and economy through this unprecedented crisis. To that end we have in place a range of robust measures designed to buttress customers against the enormous challenges now facing us. I urge anyone experiencing difficulties to contact the bank as early as possible.”

Friday 20th March 2020

We have been working over the last few days to develop a three month moratorium for our Personal, Business and Home loan customers, this will be available from Monday morning March 23rd to all customers of AIB who require it.

Customers thinking of applying for this moratorium should keep an eye on for further details.

Wednesday 18th March 2020

At AIB we are making sure our customers and staff are as safe as possible. We have now introduced priority banking hours for our elderly and vulnerable customers until 11am each morning.  We are asking our other customers to plan their branch visits outside these times. 

To maintain social distancing we are limiting the number of customers who can come into our branches at any one time.  This may result in some customers having to wait outside for a while.  As a reminder, many banking services are available online, on our mobile app and through phone banking.  Thank you in advance for supporting these initiatives to protect one another.

Monday 16th March 2020

AIB announces full pay for staff with dependents whose partner is a public healthcare worker.

Following feedback from our colleagues AIB has announced it is providing full pay to any of our staff with dependents whose partner is a public healthcare worker. This will allow these important healthcare workers to attend work and help our country through these extraordinary times.

Geraldine Casey, Chief People Officer, AIB said “Coronavirus presents our society with unprecedented challenges. AIB is determined to play whatever part we can in helping society meet these challenges.

We will not be found wanting in backing our staff and our customers in the communities we operate in. We are here to support and empower our people, and their people, within the public healthcareservice through this evolving situation.”