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11 Mar 2015

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When it comes to taking care of our everyday finances, we always have the best of intentions. We all know however, that ‘being good’ with your daily spending is often easier said than done. No two individuals spend in the exact same manner and this means we all have different types of transactions, both planned and unplanned, coming in and out of our accounts each day.

Whether it’s a car loan repayment, lunch with a friend or an expense for your child’s education, it’s hard to keep track of all the balls in the air when it comes to your everyday spending.

We’ve just made it easier. We’ve made you a handy financial management tool called ‘My Money Manager’ on AIB's Tablet Banking App and AIB Internet Banking.

What does ‘My Money Manager’ do?

‘My Money Manager’
automatically groups and graphs your spending into categories such as bills, groceries and fuel. It will show you exactly what you spend your money on, and helping you to identify areas to reduce spending and make some extra savings.

My Money Manager will help you make more informed purchasing decisions and save for special purchases in the future such as a house, car or holiday. It paves the way to better monthly spending budgets.

My Money Manager also gives you a 13 calendar month view of your transactions. You can view and analyse key financial information using the following tools:

• My Spending: shows you an analysis of spending and income across different categories through dynamic charting

• My Budgets: allows you to build budgets for different categories of spending

• My Savings Goals: sets up unique goals for saving linked with your savings accounts

• My Categories Manager: allows you to search for particular transactions. You can organize and re-categorise specific transaction data within ‘My Money Manager’

See ‘My Money Manager’ in Action
Watch our helpful video guide below which takes you through the key features of My Money Manager. It will show you how you can create dynamic charts to analyse your spending, create new budgets, set savings goals for yourself and customise categories to help track these specific transactions.

Go Mobile Now with My Money Manager

Download the AIB Tablet Banking App, at no cost to you directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, data charges may apply.The AIB Tablet Banking App has been designed specifically for use on the Apple iPad and Android tablets.

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