My Money Manager FAQs

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  • What is My Money Manager?

    My Money Manager is a tool to help you track your income and expenditure on your Current, Deposit and Credit Card Accounts and to create budgets and savings goals. My Money Manager allows you to see how you are spending your money in a user friendly format, which can help you inform decisions on how to save money for a future goal e.g. holiday, car, house or to set monthly spending budgets. You will have access to 13 calendar months of transactions. My Money Manager will also allow you to view and analyse your key financial information via the following tools:


    • My Spending: provides you with dynamic charting to analyse spending and income across different categories

    • My Budgets: you can create budgets for spending categories

    • My Savings Goals: you can set up financial goals associated with saving accounts
    • My Categories Manager: you can search for specific transactions and create rules to recategorise transaction information within My Money Manager


    AIB Internet Banking and AIB Tablet Banking provide the full functionality of My Money Manager.


    On AIB Mobile Banking, the My Spending category is available and has been customised to display the information clearly on your phone.


  • What accounts will I be able to view on My Money Manager?

    You can view your Current Accounts, Deposit Accounts and Credit Cards. Once any of these accounts are viewable on your Account Overview they will then be available on My Money Manager.


  • Can I view all my Accounts in My Money Manager or can I choose a selection?

    On Internet Banking or Tablet Banking, when you first access My Money Manager you will automatically see all your Current Accounts, Deposits Accounts and Credit Cards that are on your Internet Banking. However if you wish to view a subset of these for My Money Manager, you will be able to filter the accounts. 



    On Mobile Banking, My Spending is available on the same accounts as on your Internet and Tablet Banking. To view My Spending on Mobile you must select the account, scroll to the bottom of the transactions and select the ‘My Spending’ button.


  • Is there a charge for My Money Manager?

    There is no charge associated with My Money Manager. It is available as part of AIB Tablet Banking and AIB Internet Banking.


    My Spending, one part of the overall My Money Manager is also available on AIB Mobile Banking.


  • How up to date is the transaction information or Account Information I see on My Money Manager?

    Transactions in My Money Manager will be updated nightly so this means that any debit or credit transactions will not be available on My Money Manager until the next business day. Also, if you add a new Account to your Internet Banking you won't see it on My Money Manager until the next business day.


  • What is My Spending?

    What does categorisation mean?
    Categorisation is putting your transactions in to groups such as Shopping, Leisure and Entertainment etc. In My Money Manager there are currently 16 main categories, which each can be broken down to further sub-categories. See table below for the complete list of categories.

    Primary Category



    Transfers & Lodgements

    Bills & Utilities

    Cable/Satellite TV & Internet
    Property Management Fee
    Bills & Utilities Other

    Leisure & Entertainment

    Cinema & Theatre
    Food & Dining
    Bars & Clubs
    Newspapers, Magazines, & Books
    Club Memberships
    Leisure & Entertainment Other


    Online Shopping
    Department Store
    Clothing & Accessories
    Toys & Games
    Catalogue Shopping
    Shopping Other

    Health & Personal Care

    Dental Care
    Hair & Beauty
    Alternative Health
    Health & Personal Care Other

    Household & Home

    Household Maintenance
    DIY/Home Improvement
    Textiles & Furnishings
    Computers & Technology
    Electrical Goods
    Household & Home Other


    School/College Fees
    Family Other


    Car Park & Tolls
    Motor Rescue
    Maintenance/Service & Parts
    Auto Other

    Travel &Transportation

    Air Travel
    Travel Agencies
    Vehicle Rental
    Public Transport
    Travel & Transportation Other


    Pet Shop
    Pet Other

    Finance & Banking

    Credit Card
    Store Card
    Personal Loan
    Car Loan
    Fees & Charges
    Account Service Fees
    Finance & Banking Other

    Withdrawals & Transfers

    Standing Orders
    Withdrawal & Transfers Other
    Cash Advance





    Savings & Investment

    Stocks & Shares
    Saving & Investment Other


    Professional Services
    Stationary & Printing
    Charities & Donations
    Miscellaneous Other


    What if I want to change the category of a transaction?
    If a transaction is not in the category that you would prefer to see it you can re-categorise it and assign it to another more suitable category for you. This can be done within either My Spending by tapping anywhere you see the edit icon along the transaction details line beside a category. Once tapped this will open the list of available categories to which you can reassign a transaction to. Recategorisation can be completed as a once off by choosing 'Apply Once' or for all historic and future transactions by choosing 'Apply Always'.


    Can I create a new category?
    The primary categories cannot be changed but you can create up to 10 new sub-categories. You can tap on the edit icon beside transaction details where you will see the option 'Add a custom category'. A blank text box will be displayed and you can enter the new sub-category name to associate with the transaction(s).


    You can create new categories on Internet or Tablet banking, however it is not possible to create new categories on the Mobile Banking App.

    If I create a new category, will it automatically show on my Internet, Tablet and Mobile Banking?
    Yes, if you create a new category on either your Internet or Tablet banking, it will show across all of your online banking options.



    Is it possible to delete a category?
    The existing primary and sub-categories cannot be deleted but it is possible to delete a sub-category that you have created. This can be done tapping on the edit icon and then choosing the 'Delete a custom subcategory' option for the sub-category. This will permanently remove the sub-category from the list and any transaction which had been re-assigned to it by you will revert to the original child category defined.



    Can I see My Spending for each of my accounts?
    Yes, on Internet and Tablet Banking My Money Manager defaults to the ‘My Spending’ page and has selected all of your accounts.  De-select your accounts to change the view to specific accounts. 


    On Mobile Banking, ‘My Spending’ is available for each individual account.  It is not possible to see spending across multiple accounts on one screen in AIB Mobile Banking.

  • What is My Budgets?

    Is the budget linked to an account?

    No, your budgets are not linked to an account; they are a target that is set for yourself in order to track your spending within a category by calendar month. If you overspend on the category the Budget overview page will display that particular budget in red, if you under spend it will be displayed in green. This will allow you to keep on track on a monthly basis of your planned spending per category.


    Is it possible to change the category for an existing budget?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to edit the category assigned to an existing budget. You can choose to delete the existing budget and/or create a new budget.


    Will I get any notifications if I am close to or have exceeded any of my Budgets?

    You will need to go to the Budgets section in My Money Manager to check this.


    Are my budgets available on Mobile Banking?

    No, at the minute this part of My Money Manager is not available on Mobile Banking.  It is available on Internet and Tablet Banking.

  • What is My Savings Goals?

    What is the relevance of the Goal Name?

    The Goal Name should be something personal to you which best describes the reason for your savings goal.

    Can I create a new goal type for my Savings Goal?

    No, it is not possible to create a new 'goal type' for your savings goal.

    Is there a limit to the number of Savings Goals that I can set at any time?

    Currently you can only have 10 Savings Goals active at any one time

    Does My Money Manager automatically transfer money to my savings goal?

    No, My Money Manager only distributes funds to meet the savings goal for illustrative purposes. If you want to physically transfer the money from one account to another you can initiate this payment through the Pay & Transfer option or set up a Standing Order.


    Are my Savings Goals available on Mobile Banking?

    No, at the minute this part of My Money Manager is not available on Mobile Banking.  It is available on Internet and Tablet Banking.

  • What is My Categories Manager?

    Is it possible to prevent a transaction from being included within My Spending?

    It is not possible to entirely remove a transaction although you can prevent it being included in your overall spending view by marking it as 'Exclude'. This can be done by going into the 'Categories Manager' section which is accessed through the My Categorisation Manager sub menu. Complete all the fields required to identify the transaction which you would like to remove from view and then choose 'Exclude' from the selection beside this. Once completed then tap 'Confirm'. Any transaction(s) within the specified criteria will no longer be included in your My Spending analysis. Note - this does not affect the transactions of your AIB Accounts.


    Is it possible to view my transactions and analyse one account at a time?

    Yes, in Select Your Accounts you can select an individual account or multiple accounts.


    What is the difference between My Spending and My Categories Manager?

    My Spending is the main section of My Money Manager and allows you to view an entire picture of exactly where you are spending your money in chart format. Although you have the ability to re-categorise transactions from this section the My Categories Manager offers you the ability to create your own specific individual conditions for assigning transactions to categories.


    Where can I create new categorisation rules?

    These can be created in the My Categories Manager section on Internet and Tablet Banking.


    Is it possible to change the description on a transaction?

    You can change the descriptive narrative on any of your transactions within the Categories manager in My Categories Manager widget. This will not alter the narrative as it appears officially on your account statements or the transactions of your AIB Accounts - it is just for the purposes of viewing transaction details throughout My Money Manager


    What is the difference between the two edit icons in My Categories Manager?

    Both edit options will allow you to recategorise a transaction(s) however the edit icon at the right side of the transaction line is where you can edit a transaction further by splitting it into multiple categories or amending the date or description of a transaction.


    What happens if I close an account?

    If you close your account it will be then removed from Internet Banking. Because My Money Manager relies on the account information from you Internet Banking any associated transactions, savings goals or rules created with these will then be removed also. If your account remains open but it is removed/deleted from your Internet Banking Profile again all associated transactions, savings goals or rules created with these will then be removed, however if you re-add the account all this information will then be re-imported from AIB Systems as it was previously the next business day. In both cases any Budgets you have created will not be affected as these are based on Categories and are not account specific.


    Can I edit my categories on Mobile Banking?

    No, at the minute this part of My Money Manager is not available on Mobile Banking.  It is available on Internet and Tablet Banking.


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