Secure Messaging FAQs

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  • What is Secure Messaging?

    Secure Messaging allows customers to conveniently and securely send a query to the Bank.

  • Do I need to register for Secure Messaging?

    This service is currently available to Small Business Banking customers who are registered for AIB Internet Banking. There is no separate registration process for this service. 

  • How do I navigate to my Secure Messaging homepage?

    You can navigate to your Secure Messaging homepage by selecting ‘My Messages’ within the ‘Services and Settings’ menu or by selecting “My Messages” at the top of all Internet Banking screens. 

  • How many messages can I see on my Secure Messaging?

    Currently, you can view all interactions within your Secure Messaging homepage. You can see a maximum of 10 messages per page but at the bottom of each page you can navigate to the next page if applicable. 

  • What are the fees associated with Secure Messaging?

    There are no fees associated with Secure Messaging.


  • What types of messages can I send through Secure Messaging?

    You can send 2 query types through Secure Messaging. Select the “New Query” button and within the dropdown you can submit a message of the following two query types.

    • Service Query e.g transaction on my account
    • Product Information Query e.g. Online loan application form
  • What happens to the current message centre “your messages”?

    If you are currently opted in to receive marketing type messages through your Internet Banking homepage, you will continue to receive these message types through your “My Messages” homepage. 

  • Can I opt in / opt out of receiving messages?

    You can opt in or out of receiving marketing type messages through your Internet Banking homepage.

    1. Under "My Messages" select link “Personalised Product Messaging Information (Opt In / Opt Out)”.
    2. Select the appropriate option (Opt In / Opt Out) of receiving personalised product Messages" option.


    NOTE: By opting out of receiving marketing messages, you will no longer receive these message types but you may still receive service or product type messages. 


  • Will Secure Messaging affect my marketing preferences?

    Secure Messaging will not have an impact on your marketing preferences and you will only receive messages based upon the queries you submit.


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